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How To Sell Gold And Silver For Cash To Goldfinger And Some Important Tips.

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You have probably heard of a “troy ounce” which is the unit of measure used to value precious metals. Usually pure gold, platinum or silver will be “diluted” or “alloyed” with other metals to make jewelry.

When we speak about gold jewelry, we refer to things like 10 karat (kt), 14 karat (kt) or 18 karat (kt) gold. The higher the karat your jewelry is made of, the higher the level of pure gold your jewelry will yield.

In 10 karat gold the actual percentage of gold is 41.6%, in 14 karat it is 58.5% and the part of pure gold in 18 karat gold is 75%.

What does that mean to you? Well, here is an example: Let’s say an ounce of gold is valued at $1000. If you happen to have an ounce of 10 karat gold, this gold would be worth $416. 14 karat equals $585 and 18 karat are worth $750 (keep in mind, though, this is just an example. The actual price for gold might be lower or higher!) Of course, the actual amount of money you can expect depends on the quantity you try to sell. However, if you sell gold for cash and the buyer offers you less than half of the gold price of the day, look for a different buyer!

When you sell gold jewelry for cash the weight of your precious metal jewelry can be measured in two ways: 1. In pennyweight (DWT), or 2. In grams (GR). To clear up the confusion, an ounce of gold weighs either 20 pennyweights or 31.1 grams.

BEFORE you sell,

Here are some facts you should know.

An honest gold buyer like Goldfinger will be willing to quote you his daily price for various karats and the price difference for larger quantities.

We will buy silver coins right now as follows:

  • 10 c (before 1967) for $1.30/each
  • 25 c (before 1967) for $3.25/each
  • 50 c (before 1967) for $6.50/each
  • 1.00 (before 1971) for $13.00/each

Be wary of gold buyers who will not give you a straight answer!

In today’s economic climate, one should be very careful where to put his trust, especially when it comes to selling precious metals or jewelry. Be very careful doing business with companies who want you to ship your valuables in a “kit” or an envelope and drop in a mailbox!!

You should only consider gold buyers who offer free and insured courier services. This is much safer and you will be provided with a third-party tracking number, which enables you to know exactly when the gold buyer has received your package. The best way, still, is doing business face-to-face.

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